Voice Artist and Radio Presenter

I have been involved with theatre since the tender age of 13 and the past 50 years have been steeped in theatre, television and radio. That unfortunately, gives my age of 63 away to those of you who have spotted the addition! I am Scottish by birth and have a naturally Scottish lilt to my voice. This can be made rougher as required. Although years at drama school and living in London, did take the edge off it a bit I still posses a typical Ayrshire accent that can be squeezed and coerced into Glasgow and Highlands, straight or comic.

Worked in theatre as an actor from the age of 13 until about 22, when I diversified and became a singer/dancer who could act (or the other way round, if you wanted). During this time I also appeared in numerous television adverts and dramas. I decided the rat-race was all too much at the age of 46 and decided to move from London to the Isle of Skye, where I have presented three shows (one an award-winning Breakfast Show) at the local radio station (Cuillin FM) and another programme for Two Lochs Radio on the mainland. Three of these four programmes are pre-recorded at my home studio on Skye. I can deliver your scripts back, fast and in the format of your choice. Whether for video, podcasts, e-learning, ads, telephony, etc I have loads of experience and, being a Virgo, demand only the best from myself. Your recordings can either be emailed to you or you can collect them from my server (a faster option).

I am an independent voice over artist and therefore there are no booking or agency fees.
All recording and usage fees are by negotiation, depending on the session length and end use of the project.

Recording is carried out in my own purpose built home studio using Adobe Audition cc2017 software.

The microphone used is an AKG C2000B used in conjunction with a Chord Sound Shield.

These are connected to the computer via a Behrenger U-Phonics UMC-22 audio interface

The studio is part of OMH Productions

This company supplies radio programmes, interviews and adverts to local radio stations

We have been active since 2004


Comedy link up for two radio stations


Sample radio advert number 1


Comedy parody song in character


News item from Migraine News magazine


Excerpt from Para Handy Audio Book


Excerpt from Audio Book - PC Bedtime Stories


Sample radio advert number 2


Audio for telephone answering service


Trailer for radio programme


Opening segment to weekly radio programme

Rates start as low as £20 depending on the length and complexity of your project

Contact me to find out more

When contacting me - give me an idea of the length of your project and, if possible,
a sample script or a link to the book, etc for which you would like me to give you a quote

There is no obligation and the estimate will stand for 40 days

email me at:

this address

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